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The clouDead with the clouDoS and the cloudHoover

11-04-11, 14:45
Werkt inderdaad lekker dit. Al 10 sites offline gehaald en dat voor maar 13 euro...
Jammer dat het nu (10 dagen na 1APRIL) niet meer werkt ;(
01-04-11, 01:24
Want to kill your competitors? Or more simply make them disappear from the face of the web? And enjoy the peace to have the prices of your choice? Confess ... you have already thought about it ... OVH now offers solutions and goes even further with its services called "clouDead.

First, we thank all our customers who participated in discussing the definition of the specifications of clouDead. It was not easy every day
as the mailing list is often transformed into a place of war between our clients who are just competitors. We have insured that everuone knows that you can not use the clouDos nor the cloudHoover against your competitors' sites that are hosted on our network. OVH has to protect its customers even if they are competitors.

In short, it was not easy but we are there. The alpha and beta tests were conducted with clients who are competitors on the networks of our competitors. We were able to verify the firepower and the duration of the clouDead result.

The follow on for clouDead consists of two services: clouDoS and cloudHoover.

With clouDoS, in 3 clicks, you can launch an attack on the website of your competitor and make it unavailable.
Visitors to the victim's site can no longer see your competitor's offerings because the site is down!

How to launch an attack with clouDoS?

Step 1:
Choose your victim's site: just enter the IP of your competitors site (not to be at OVH).

Step 2:
Choose the type of attack from a wide choice between SYN flood, UDP flooding, packet fragment and smurfing with the option to spoof or not. Also, you can activate the "FIRE" option which generates very special IP packets that travel at 2 times the speed of light. The consequence is that the temperature of the optical fibre increases and after only a few minutes of the attacks, the plastic of the optical fibre begins to burn. The competitor's network fails and the datacentre is on fire. To protect the OVH has developed its own liquid cooling for fibrr optics in our datacentre and network across Europe. So we can pass the "FIRE" packets without problems, but across the networks it begins to fall only after a few minutes. So it's a very dangerous option and only to be used at the end of an attack. Not at first. Otherwise you'll burn the network and the competitors datacentre before killing the site. In short, the "FIRE" is a bonus, a final blow if you will to activate at the end of an attack.

Step 3:
Choose the number of servers to generate the attack between 100 and 35000 (no less than 100). You can adjust the power. In all, you can go up to 700Gbps and up to 450Ppps (Peta packets per second).

The SLA specifies that OVH has an obligation of means and its result. So to say that a site must die will mean that the site will die. That's the SLA clouDead: the death. And with the "FIRE" we can say definitively dead.

ClouDoS service based on cloud computing infrastructure consisting of 35,000 dedicated servers housed in the new datacentre RBX4: the "cube".
During the attack, the electric power consumed by the datacentre exceeds 10MVA! All this power into the optical fibres, and blows up in the victim's site port
... Your competitors can not recover from this amount of firepower.

Price: No setup fee, payment on time, it takes 13 Euro ex vat / 100 servers per hour and you can go up to 35000 servers! It does not limit the duration of the attack. You just need your bank card and clouDoS does the rest.

But killing the site of your competitors, we haven't implemented all the specifications of the solution . Once your competitor's site is dead, they must try to win back customers!

This is where the cloudHoover is essential. It can suck the packets of visitors down and return them to your site. The technology is very simple: We are announcing the IP of your competitor's site on the Internet by BGP. The IP thus enters into the routing table of all the Internet routers and the traffic arrives at OVH. Why? Because it announces IP / 32 and the BGP routing protocol always chooses the route to the IP where the mask is smaller. And a route / 32 is more preferable to a route / 24. So we know that we retrieve the IP traffic for sure. Once the packets arrive on our network, we refer you to a single IP Failover that you can hang on to on your dedicated server. Warning: You must stop the clouDoS before starting to recover cloudHoover to avoid any attack on your dedicated server! But it is the only limitation of clouDead. The aspiration technique was used by the networks of Asia (nameless) to draw several times the global traffic. The goal? Analyze the content of retrieved passwords etc.. It's the same technique except that it applies to a specific IP and the goal is to recover all visitors to the competitors site to your own site. Simple and effective ... and cheap: cloudHoover is available for 30 days after using clouDoS.

We are relied on to be able to innovate again and propose solutions simple and very effective to differentiate from our competitors. With these 2 services our goal is to give you the tools to grow quickly and be able to host more and more servers with OVH. Eventually as you can not launch attacks against sites in OVH, the world will be hosted by OVH to simply avoid taking an attack. Basically, we count on you to also bring your competitors to OVH ... Ingenious ...

Any feedback!