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For your information
25-03-11, 12:38

As you know, OVH updates its line of dedicated servers
3 times a year. The idea is to offer you the latest
technological innovations but also to adapt the hardware
to the latest trends and uses.

This year we have a small delay on the implementation
of the new range. That's because innovations are rare
and overall there is nothing interesting happening. And when it
happens it is very expensive ... Furthermore, because our dedicated servers
sell very well and despite the increased capacity
in datacentre RBX3 which we added in November, the datacentre
RBX3 be at saturation very soon. Considering the delivery speed,
we changed the server range, we won't be able to
deliver the servers in "less than 1 hour".

The new range will have to wait until we finish the 5th
datacentre: RBX4. It is intended for late April / early May. It's
at this time of year when we will update the
range and move on to "2011".

The range has been decided and it's been validated internally
4 weeks ago. The alphas are going well. The parts have been
ordered. They are arriving and production will start
running. Then all this will be pinging in our datacentres before
major holidays. or a little earlier.

What's new?
We can not say anything prior to releasing the range. But
we have some nice technological surprises that we've
decided to integrate in this new future family to
question the psychological prices that have been practised
during years and therefore, increase a little on some
servers. While maintaining the overall consistency you're
used at OVH. Basically, expect dedicated servers that
provide higher quality service than today and with a price
slightly higher on some models.

Evolution and adaptation ...