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Serious disturbances on SSL
24-03-11, 16:48

OVH offers the reselling of SSl certificates from Comodo.

One reseller of Comodo was hacked (an IT?) and the hackers had generated SSL certificate for domain names like ( The certificates have been revoked, but right now Comodo is in panic mode regarding the delivery of and procedures for licenses.

Comodo wants to manually check each level 1 and level 2 certificate that they signed! Madness! This means that we should forget the delivery of SSL in less than 5 minutes. You will also receive an email directly from Comodo for delivery confirmation if you need to validate any more.

This affects OVH and calls into question the procedures we have put in place for shared hosting including SSL and Exchange. So we must adapt our procedures, but ...

We're also looking at whether we should stop marketing SSL certificates or not. It is an activity with little growth and even if you get the SSL certificates free, it doesn't really interest you. It's okay, we don't want to save money But it proves that it is not there. And so it is useless to have our teams with the services that nobody needs. And we'll just continue to provide the SSL as a full turnkey-service in the case of Exchange.

The answer: tomorrow.

All the best