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VPS at €5 per month
16-03-11, 18:38
> En savoir plus:
> Les frais d'installation sont de 30e. Vous avez la
> possibilité d'envoyer les emails. Et faire tout sort
> de serveurs en UDP et TCP (dans la limite de protections
> contre les attaques sur UDP).
> Les commandes passées vont être livrées demain avant midi
> le temps qu'on permette de passer en production les bêtas
> testeurs qui souhaitent renouveler leur VPS. Ils n'ont
> pas de frais d'installation. Ça sera fait demain dans la
> matinée et ils ont 1 semaine pour réfléchir avant que le
> VPS de bêta test ne soit effacé.

Dans 1 heure environ, nous allons lancer les "renew"s
commandées par les bêtas testeurs. En suite, on va
commencer à livrer les clients qui ont commandé les
VPS depuis hier. Vers minuit tout devrait être en

On vient de modifier le prix des options HA (SLA 99.99%)
et HP (8 vcore avec 2x plus de GHz/Go). On a activé aussi
la commande pour les VPS avec ces 2 options. Par contre
les livraisons de VPS HA vont démarrer fin de la semaine
prochaine et de VPS HA+HP dans 2 semaines environ. Le
temps de finir le développement du manager v5 et valider
la technologie avec le manager v5 mais surtout il nous faut
une 10ène de jours pour produire et mettre en place les
nouveaux hosts pour le VPS ... nous n'en avons pas autant
....aie ça démarre fort ... mais pas de problème ... on va
y arriver ...

16-03-11, 11:12
> and the UDP bandwidth is limited to 1Mbps. 32Kbps per

Following discussion around gaming and voIP we have increased the UDP limit to 5Mbps per VPS.

All the best

15-03-11, 20:48
We are pleased to announce the production of a new offer: VPS alias Virtual Private Server .

Firstly thank you to the beta testers who have greatly helped to validate by chipping away at the infrastructure for the last 2 months! Many many exchanges...

The offer is between shared hosting and dedicated servers and it is a private server without the constraint of a true dedicated server. Or from hosting with complete freedom unlike shared hosting ... so to each his own

Some advantages of vrack:
- No hardware to manage
- 100% available HA storage with integrated backup
- Can change between 0.5GHz/256MB to 16GHz/24GB in 3 clicks
- 4 or 8 vCore server with maximum power of each vCore to 2.00GHz
- In case of hardware failure you restart your VPS on the OVH cloud in minutes
- And thus guarantee the SLA:
- Less than 43 minutes of outage per month (99.9% SLA)
- Less than 4 minutes of outage per month (99.99% SLA)
- Linux or Windows

By default your VPS runs in 4 vCore or 8 vCore. Depending on your GHz reservation , the power can be used on a vCore (and therefore all on only one vCore ... with the maximum 2.00GHz) or the power is distributed over the 4 or 8 vCore. It is automatic and therefore suitable for both games that need max vCore as well as sql servers serving requests in parallel.

The storage is done on the storage racks that are highly available, meaning that if one of the two heads that manage the racks disks fail, the slave immediately becomes the master and takes over all the disks and then processes the requests.

On the network side, VPS has a 100Mbps connection input and output. There's a bonus: we activated the protections against attacks: ICMP traffic is limited to 32Kbps and UDP bandwidth is limited to 1Mbps. 32Kbps ip source on SYN. No limitation in TCP.

To manage your VPS you have a manager v5 with usage statistics of CPU, RAM, HD and the network. You have the option of upgrading your VPS in bursts during the payment time or the monthly power change. Then reboot and reinstall.

Changing power is done either cold (with a reboot of the VPS) or hot (with the HP option). In all cases we wanted something very flexible and immediately available. Then simple to understand and above all to use.


Installation costs are €30. You are able to send emails and have all types servers on UDP and TCP (limited protections against attacks on UDP).

The orders will be delivered tomorrow by noon time and at this time we will allow the beta testers who wish to renew their VPS to be put into production. They have no installation costs. It will be done tomorrow morning and they have one week to think about it before the VPS Beta's are erased.

The offer will continue to evolve following the roadmap that we've already announced. It will also change depending on feedback from our customers. If you have functionality that you want added, please send an email and we will discuss it. Then we will add it to the roadmap with the precise specifications and date of production.

Availability in subsidiaries: 10 days (the time to translate the website and adapt the offer to the payment methods available for each subsidiary).

All the best