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Microsoft Exchange 2010 for Entreprises
11-03-11, 15:08
Microsoft Exchange 2010 is now available at OVH with the Entreprise offer. This is a private infrastructure where you do not share resources with another customer.

Finf out more:

You notice at the bottom of link, several articles for policy makers, administrators and end-user. Please take 7 minutes to read it and give us feedback. This is important for what's to follow ...

The offer we wanted is simple. So its OVH who manages your Exchange infrastructure. You have a simple manager (v5) where you can quickly manage your Exchange in just a few clicks. We are therefore giving an offer that is simple / fast (via the manager), affordable (cheap) and accessible (in 3 clicks with a credit card).

A long email for very simple service. Here we go.

The offer in detail:
- Up to 1000 email accounts (and you aren't limited to hard)
- This includes 10GB of actual disk space to be used by email accounts. So you can have 1000 accounts of 100GB each. This is what we will look at to see if the actual disk space is being used.
- The SLA is 99.9%, i.e.: it allows itself 43 minutes of "downtime" per month, primarily for maintenance issues related to storage.

- Costs:
- 99 installation costs, which include all the tests "upto the 31st of the current month". During this period you can test everything in all directions. You pay no license. This allows you to see what options are available and decide if you really need it or not. - You can stop the offer during the starting month. There is no commitment. - Billing starts the 1st of the month - 50 p/m for private infrastructures including as much CPU / RAM it takes to run your Exchange with perfect service quality.
- Prices of licenses are the SPLA prices without margins ...
- You can stop the supply at the end of each month. The 5 of the following month, we cut the service. and on the 7th your infrastructure is cleared.

- You can:
- go up to 10TB of total disk space in increments of 50GB (or more). max 2TB partition. max 32 partitions.
max 32 partitions.
- Improving the SLA to 99.99% for 20 e / month. In this case, the maintenance associated with storage are hot. No "downtime." It is transparent. In this case, you also includes 50GB of disk space by default, instead of 10G.

Simulation costs:

You can move the cursor to indicate the number of Exchange accounts that you have on your infrastructure. PS. the version with this type of license and storage arrives next week.

When creating a new email account, this new account is added automatically to the contact list of all existing email accounts.
You can define the rights for sharing the contact list and calendar with other email accounts on the infrastructure. With ActiveSync you have the mobile option that works with iphone / IPAD / android.

The Enterprise version will evolve in the coming weeks with new features (see roadmap). Also, let us know if its living up to your needs.

A Reseller version is planned (see roadmap). It will not have the Enterprise and Enterprise+ license . No Public Folder, or Unified Messaging Server Role (Not to be confused with ActiveSync), no Edge Transport Server role, GALSync 2007, Active Directory Federated Services,
Business-to-Business features such as cross-premises message tracking and calendar sharing, IRM, Outlook 2003 support (EnableLegacyOutlook), Same forest upgrade from Exchange 2007, Resource forest, Parent-child domains, Discontiguous namespace, Disjoint namespace. None of that.

But it will include Organisation Unit (OU) that isolates each area from ​​another. Essential for resale.

All the best