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Loyalty points 10000 for 10000 servers
26-02-11, 07:06
Good evening,

And the second round complements the first one: +10,000
vouchers. Only pending to "match" some references <2005
as the "start" or "piv". Then the HG.

In total 19,993 vouchers for 19,993 new servers
were sent to 5690 different clients who had
7944 servers over 2 years in OVH (or 3 years
in the case of kimsufi). The (very) loyal customers who keep
their servers for (very) long. La crème de la crème.

For the rest, as we had already announced, the park is
our servers is (very) recent. OVH manages just under
100,000 servers. And therefore, with more than 50,000 servers
delivered in 2010, we can say that more than 50% of the park
is less than 12 months old. This is done through massive
investment (20m€ in 2010) in new servers
that are delivered to you every day of the week in
less than 1 hour. In 2011, as we have already delivered
more than 10,000 servers in two months, we go on
a speed of 60,000 servers that we control without

24-02-11, 03:00
Good evening,

Well, the first round of loyalty points have been awarded

The result of the race is: nearly 10,000 coupons
were sent with a total value for 500'000E
to buy 10,000 new servers.

These points can be used for:
- vps (vps will be coming out in less than 2 weeks)
- rps (due in a few weeks)
- kimsufi (will be 0 installation fees
and unblocking of port 25 wil cost € 50)
- sp
- eg
- mg
- hg (can be used with other promotions)

An additional loyalty scheme will be available on HG
which will be put in place in a few days (need time to code
the algorithm).

The RPS and VPS will also generate some coupons the same way as the kimsufi.