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IPv6 on housing

18-02-11, 18:03
leuk dat er ipv6 is bij colocation enkelt mogen er aleen fransen in het datacenter komen dus wat heeft het voorn nut het hier te posten?
18-02-11, 15:46

We have implemented IPv6 on OVH housing offers, Global Switch and DC1. IPv6 routing works for all clients. The routing will be enabled on Tuesday or Wednesday.

If you have OVH housing, you can collect your IP (a /56 per service) in the Manager, you can customise the reverses of your network. If you have server housing of 1u and 3u you have a /64 per server that you can retrieve Tuesday / Wednesday.

Routing is native i.e. it operates independently from IPv4. So you can make pure IPv6 installations with the same performance level latencies and bandwidth than with IPv4.

Manager v3:


To enable routing, we need to update routers with new software version. The current bugged version caused a total crash of the router that we had to manage yesterday in the afternoon (router p19-2-6k). With the new version of software there is no problem and we have new features on the IPv6 routing as HSRP / GLBP. Wholesale routing totally redundant.

The pages on the site will be added within a few days.

All the best,