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90000 servers and the setup fee for old customers
16-02-11, 19:40
Since the implementation costs of installation 1 year ago
We strongly reduced and the situation is tourover
manageable again. Installation costs have enabled us
also increase the quality of dedicated server delivered "OVH"
who have 6 months warranty to be delivered with
nine drives (less than 1000 hours or 1 month).

Thanks to strong growth in 2010 continues this year
we've gone about 10 days ago 90'000 servers (!)
on our infrastructure. Over 50% of park is less than 12
months. And less than 10% of the park has more than 3 years. As you
are more than 70% have more than one server, we discussed
with you and think about how to help you grow while
we avoid the problems of abuse. The goal is simple:

how to continue to offer quality.

Here's our idea. We set up a program
customer loyalty that keep the server on several
years. And after a while, the program allows
to have "a new voucher for a new server
which cancels the cost of installation costs.

This loyalty program is designed to assist you
your growth in 2011 and 2012. So you have the
opportunity to build new machines
your existing architecture or replace your old server.
Also, you can test this or any other kind of server
without paying the cost of installation.

You can use the vouchers for you, give
a friend, use them to deliver a server to a client or
.... resale. You are free on how to consume them.

The originality of this program, which automatically applies
to all existing customers, is that:

- If you have a server "OVH"
- You have 2 coupons for 2 servers after 2 years
- Then a voucher for a new server every year
Next if you keep the server one more year

- If you have a server "kimsufi"
- You have a voucher for a server after 3 years
- Then a voucher for a server in each subsequent year
if you keep the server one more year.

Example: I have a server ovh 3 years, tomorrow I will
receive 3 vouchers for 3 new servers.

This is the first time that OVH is a program that
not egalitarian among all customers. We made a
strong distinction between clients that we are faithful in
using a single server over several years and those
who come to us for specific needs. Because for
they think we redirect to the (future) publiCloud
with billing by the hour without installation costs (in
Instead of a dedicated server with installation charges and payment
then monthly), this to better respond to needs
timely, factual or calculation, but without having to manage

For all servers that pass anniversaries
you will receive the vouchers once a month.
We decided to do the 4th Tuesday of the month. This month
it falls below 23. The next week, so you will
receive all vouchers for all servers
you ... hehey! The voucher is valid for 5 years (ie
in our case it is the infinite cosmos). By cons,
if you make us a dedicated server on which you
purchase orders generated for one month you use them
after the server. As a result, it
too late. In accounting terms, we need to expire the
vouchers (such as reward points) to avoid
problems with accounting experts that validate our
assessment ...

This program does not include servers or HG PHI.

Thank you for talking and the ideas you've
given on installation costs. I think
arrived at a nice solution that meets almost all
needs without us generate and abuse with which
we happen to offer quality without compromise.

And en route to the 100,000 servers ...