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pCC IaaS et PaaS
02-02-11, 16:24

The privateCloud is close to the official release. We still have a little work but the basics are there.

For now, we offer the pCC as the IaaS i.e. you have the hosts on one side, across from NAS, you assemble it and then you start the virtual machines with the distribution of your choice. IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service. For example, some clients want to use the pCC to overflow their local infrastructure using the VMware vCloud.

In talking with other beta testers, we realised that this IaaS approach does not match all needs. These clients have needs here in privateCloud in PaaS (Platform As A Service) i.e. they do not want the assembly of infrastructure, but they want a turnkey platform with a very simple interface manager, with which they create virtual machines in 3 clicks with the distribution of their choice . How does it work? Which host? What NAS? This is not the issue. And so instead of charging for highly technical hosts, NAS, and licenses, they want a bill depending on how many virtual machines and depending on actual functioning of all these virtual machines running on their privateCloud. And have the unlimited resources ...

We started the work to meet those needs and we need to discuss with clients who might be interested by the pCC in order to refine the PaaS thoughts turn to this service.

We imagine that the customer can create virtual machines in seconds with its own IP address and its private network. Each virtual machine has maximum power, for example, 8 cores, 64 GB of RAM and 1TB of harddisk costs €50 / month. He can create as many machines he wants. She is charged the actual use of the entire virtual machine that has its pCC in PaaS: CPU, RAM, disk and network. To avoid surprises at the end of the month, the customer can define the maximum power of each virtual machine and the maximum power of all virtual machines.

What do you think?

All the best,