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Beta ADSL and VPS
20-01-11, 17:22
We will launch (presumably) tonight the VPS in beta.
The websites pages on the VPS will go out only
next week after the update of the site regarding the

If you are interested, you can subscribe to the ml: via

Regarding the ADSL, we want to launch the beta
next week only. We are behind on ... the site
"ADSL in beta" with the explanation of the offer and a minimum of
information. Everything must be crystal clear in
1.5 seconds and it's not yet the case. So to explain what is being
proposed without generating unnecessary questions, we'll prod the
pages with the orders.

We will discuss the ADSL beta in the ml

To subscribe

Tomorrow we will release the site for "privateExchange"
.... Finally, we hope ... developments are progressing well but
we have a bottleneck on webmastering ...