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the betas and putting in production
14-01-11, 17:16
We have several ongoing betas and some betas will go into production soon. To clearly see our ongoing projects here is a recap with , the date of the beta and the date of the final version.

Beta: Wednesday, January 19
Beta duration: about 4 months it will be delayed a few days to refine the process. We were hoping for a quiet beta release but apparently the wait was very important. We have received 30%+ of calls to support already about ADSL. In short, we must do more.

Beta: Thursday, January 20
Beta duration: about one month the beta will start with the static and dynamic offerings in 10 days.

- Exchange 2010 private
Beta: started January 7
To prod: Friday, January 21 after the "private" offer is launched we will implement the "shared" offer at 40 ex Vat p/a

- pCC
Beta: started December 21
To prod: Thursday, January 27 we have a few bugs to fix and the vlan offer to improve "more" . The infra works well. FT, vCloud, iSCSIv3 and the PCCD are scheduled for late February.

NAS CIFS beta: Since December 12 we completed the work and it only remains to validate the technology in operation with one or more Windows.

- CoreCloud
Beta: February 3 Apart of the project is to lease a dedicated server by the hour in a virtualized version without installation costs and with the possibility of creating a pool of 100 or 200 coreClouds in minutes.

- HPC / hadoop / 3D
Beta:In early January we will resume the 3D project and enriched it with the HPC and Hadoop to create a service to calculate raw data.