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IPv6 in Shared Hosting
14-01-11, 13:32
IPv6 has been available in recent years on OVH dedicated servers. Recently we completed work on IPv6 hosting. We wanted to get the most from IPv6 that we have at our disposal in order to go further in IPv6 than in IPv4 ...

If you have a shared hosting at OVH, you have the option of activating IPv6 in 1 click. In the manager, the addition to the AAAA field is done automatically. So visitors who can access IPv6 will automatically prefer IPv6 to IPv4.

For now, it's an option you can enable or disable.

The next step is to offer a dedicated IPv6 for shared hosting. You will thus be able to customise the reverse of your site even in shared hosting.

An only then, we will enable IPv6 by default on all new installed sites and then on all installed sites.

The idea is to enable IPv6 on millions of websites and drive demand of IPv6 for providers who are still at the IPv4 level and who won't be providing real IPv6 solutions for years. With the number of sites that OVH hosts on its shared infrastructure, the content available on IPv6 can quickly rise in volume and give interest to IPv6. That is what we will try to do everything to maintain the quality of service in IPv6 as that of IPv4.

We will give 2-3 months to see if everything is going well?