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Unlimited mobile package
13-01-11, 19:16
After the small businesses, OVH attacks the telephony market for medium sized organisations with complete options for its ADSL / SDSL.

If you have OVH VoIP , you can subscribe to unlimited calls to fixed phones in France for 10 Euro ex VAT p/m.

With this package, OVH is targeting companies whose size is 10 to 100 people that want to move to the new IP Centrex generation of telephony and reduce their management and of course their call costs. In general, the customer who has adopted the telephone at OVH has reduced its monthly phone bill from 6 to 8 times. With this new package, we hope to raise the bar

10 times ... !

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To avoid any instances of abuse, there are some restrictions:
- up to 99 different numbers maximum per month.
- limited to 60 minutes calls - calls over this are billed per second (see prices).
- from human to human
- uses a VoIP telephone (with deposit) to OVH and configured directly with the OVH telephone line

and also:
- no PABX, no controller/ automation, no robot
- no sharing or resale
- No SIP phone without an OVH deposit/ guarantee
If any abuse is discovered, we will charge calls from then on per second (see prices).

This package is designed for corporations but is also available to individuals.