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NAS-HA storage: evolution
11-01-11, 19:56

Following the work on HA storage for the pCC, we have not questioned the technological choices we made initially. In practice the system works better than expected and we can go further


- the price of NAS-HA decreases ... almost 3x !
- we have offered the evolutionary storage evolution if up to 43TB !

This therefore gives the NAS-HA

- 300GB (composed of 4 disks)
- RAID-1 by RAID-1 (2x300GB) SAS 10000tr/min is 0.19 ex. VAT/hour or 69 ex. VAT/month

- 1.2TB (composed of 8 disks)
- RAID-10 by 4xRAID-1 (2x300GB) SAS 10000tr/min is 0.25 ex. VAT/hour or 299 ex. VAT/month

- 7.2TB (composed of 32 disks)
- RAID-10 by 16xRAID-1 (2x600GB) SAS 10000tr/min 2.43 ex. VAT/hour or 999 ex. VAT/month

- 43.2TB (composed of 96 disks)
- RAID-10 by 48xRAID-1 (2x600GB) SAS 10000tr/min 7.29 ex. VAT/hour or 2999 ex. VAT/month

The NAS-HA is connected to the network through 10G. It is totally redundant and OVH guarantees 100% availability. The SAS bandwidth is 1.5Gbps for 24 discs. Thus the system of 43.2TB has an SAS capacity of 9Gbps with a 10Gbps network connection.

No changes on miniNAS or NAS.

The site will be updated tomorrow. Existing customers will benefit from the price adjustment for the subsequent months.

All the best,