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This weeks betas
11-01-11, 00:14
Good evening,

Last week the private beta test for Exchange 2010 began.
The betas of PCC (privateCloud) are going really well and it is estimated
that in about 4 weeks it will be the time to finalise the offer for marketing. It may of course
take a little less time, but this will become more clear shortly. The beta from 08 is going well and we are preparing
offers for "TEL2PAY.

This week we are increasing the transmission capacity between Roubaix
and Amsterdam to 140Gbps, for AMSIX 90Gbps and then transport between
Amsterdam and Warsaw at 40Gbps at for PLIX at 40Gbps. Next week
the same will happen but with DECIX in Frankfurt which will also be
at 80Gbps.

This week we are launching the beta for VPS and VPS Dynamics
The offer will be from around 10Euro per month. In parallel, we will launch
the beta for national ADSL 10euro incl.

Things are moving forward but we still lack a dozen
pairs of arms, cool and clever people to join the
crazy shop in Roubaix Valley which is very much a case of more
the merrier, we said that??? ... hehe