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Happy New Year 2014 from Octave

10-01-14, 13:12
Happy New Year 2014


For the 15th time, I have the pleasure of wishing you a happy new year on behalf of everyone here at OVH.

Growth, new ideas, and new customers.
And I'm still not tired of writing these short messages, as I imagine all that we can achieve together in 12 months.

On our side, following 2011/2012 when we built BHS, our first datacentre in North America, and 2013 when we launched GRA and built SBG2, as well as re-examining our business model for dedicated servers, and then in December 2013, we achieved an absolute record in sales turnover. Our plan is to consolidate all the development efforts made over the last 2-3 years. We have built an excellent infrastructure, which we will start operating. The objective of 2014 is to work on quality, especially on support, and to be innovative with our cloud products and services. A roadmap for each quarter will enable you to give us better feedback, so as to influence how things develop.

For a little retrospective on 2013, go to:

in comparison with 2012:

and 2011:

So now to work.