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3/8 - DS2014: OVH / Hosting

Daniel OVH-NL
29-10-13, 16:17

As explained in my previous post, there will be 3 server ranges at specialised in 3 businesses / needs. We talked about the 3rd activity: infrastructure.

I'm now going to talk about the 2nd activity: "hosting" range. Then, I'll talk about the 1st one, then SYS, KS and "Broker". Then some generalities.

Some customers take a server to host several clients per dedicated server: hosting companies, webagency, resources "carver", share resources. It turns around the WEB and VPS hosting core business.

Servers are isolated and the client doesn't need to connect a dedicated server to another one. Each server runs in 2-tier, it means that all information is on the server itself. But the customer can start 2 VMs, one for WEB server and the other one for SQL and the 3-tier is inside the same machine.

For this business, the customer needs a server and IPv4/IPv6. 2 in 1 pack in 1 single service is the basis of this range of servers: we're talking about a server with IPv4/IPv6. IPv4/IPv6 are not optional and are not chargeable by the unit or based on the real use. There is a package price for the overall performance and the customer uses these resources.

For web hosting, the goal is to provide a service that ensures a web hosting with options such as SSL or IPv4/IPv6 per WEB site. IPv4/IPv6 routing is actually directly on the server.

The server is also able to use the VT features and we can virtualise on the server. 2 routing modes are possible: with or without MAC for each VM. This means that you can route IPv4/IPv6 on the server MAC and after you route between the server and the VM. Or you can route IPv4/IPv6 on the MAC of the VM and you must switch / bridge the server to ensure the switching of packets.

The customers who need to send emails and need IPv4/IPv6 to overcome the limitations of some providers that limit the number of emails per minute per IP will be interested in this range of servers. Thanks to the anti-spam, we know now how to block the customers who abuse our network and use our infrastructure to send spam.

Customers who want to offer VPN services with the IP pooling or with a dedicated IP per customer will also be interested in this range. In short, all customers who need a "server" with "many IP" will be able to have an all in one pack for a good price.

We started with a clean sheet to design servers with a lot of CPU, a lot of RAM and different disk types. We've also integrated the 1Gbps lossless network which ensures high availability for the server and for the whole "hosting" range.

To find the best value/resources for money we've decided to work on the latest generation of CPU to offer the best performance per core and the maximum of cores per CPU, but essentially the maximum of RAM per server for a really great price. By coupling the server with IPv4/IPv6 we get a package that allows a lot of flexibility with variable IPv4 price between €1/IP and €2/IP server included.

If you keep the server for 3 months, you get 10% off and if you keep the server longer you can get up to 40 % off. At the end, if you look at the price of IPv4 in the long term we reach a price of < €1/IP whatever the offer in the "hosting" range, always with the server including.

The "hosting" range consists of 3 sub-range of servers that we have designed specifically for this business. The name of the offer is "host -XX" with different hardware and disk specs. The range entry will be less than €100/month. The server will have 1 or 2 CPU with up to 128GB/256GB of RAM.

We will make the most accurate presentation of this range with the list of 18 different servers. You'll have to choose by voting for this or that server which will allow us to offer at the end the ones that will exactly correspond to your needs. We think we'll offer between 6 and 9 servers for the whole "hosting" range.

Best wishes,