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4/8 - DS-2014: Ovh / Entreprise

Daniel OVH-NL
29-10-13, 14:25
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We continue the first pre-announcement on the new range of 2014 Dedicated Servers which will also include a new business model.

At, we'll offer 3 range of servers packaged for 3 businesses, 3 needs that we have identified among our customers. We talked about "Infrastructure" then "Hosting". It is now time to talk about "Enterprise".

Then we will discuss about "SYS", "KS" and "Brokers".

Among all our customers, some look for a versatile server to meet the needs of a business: hosting the company's website, email server, intranet, backup. They need a server to do everything but at the end it's one single client per server.

No web hosting, no infrastructure. One client per customer.

The "Enterprise" range is therefore a great server for providers and contractors who advise OVH to their end customers. The end customer orders the server directly from OVH and the contractor administers the server on behalf of the end customer. Thus, the customer has the hardware at the best price and receive the invoices directly from the contractor.

With the "certified" program, the contractor that works this way will also be paid, depending on the server's type and duration. We want to go into partnership with the contractor in order them to maintain the server of our end customer and to be rented for as long as possible.

We also want to join forces with the end customer and motivate them directly to keep the server for a long time by offering discounts up to 40% off depending on the duration. Therefore it's a win-win situation for the 3 parties.

It's also a server for white label, ie the provider orders the server and administers it for the end customer. Opposed to a contractor, with white label, our customer is the provider that re-invoice the entire service to the final customer and we have no contact with them.

In these two cases, those who take one full server for one customer have requirements to have an excellent support to solve any problems faster. Often we talk of dozens of employees that are "technically unemployed" if the server is down. It must therefore be fixed very quickly. That's why we include by default "VIP support" in the "Enterprise" range. "VIP support" allows you to come first for all commercial and technical requests. This also gives the right to get free diagnosis and other benefits that we will detail in a separate thread.

We started with a clean sheet to design the servers that will be able to host one customer per server. Having a very good CPU and a lot of RAM, the lossless 1Gbps network to ensure high availability is the minimum. In addition to the "VIP support" we include a number of IP Failover directly in the offer: IP Failover 1.0 that we've been offering for a while and the number of IP FO depends on the server type.

Why include IP FO in the offer? It's a versatile server that can do everything. Some companies need SSL. This server is also able to support one company with all its employees who use the server remotely or from the office, so need VPN. Sending a Newsletter can be difficult if you don't have some IPs dedicated to this activity: therefore adaptability that a business needs.

The "Enterprise" range consists of 3 sub-range of servers with only one CPU but with high power in terms of core frequency and the number of cores. We talk about competitive CPU.
The RAM is up to 128GB, with different disk versions. We'll offer 18 different types of server and again we will ask your opinion to make the choice. At the end we want to offer about 6 types of "Enterprise" servers starting at less than €100/month.

Next to come:

- Generalities of the 3 offers
- "Enterprise"
- "Hosting "
- "Infrastructure"

- The new range of server code name: SYS will interest many sysadmin

- KS offers will interest all those who seek personal server and discover the sysadmin business

- The "Brokers" offers will interest those looking to resell our servers all over the world and have a range of really cheap servers with discounts based on volume.

- The "Game" offers with a low-latency routing and advanced Anti -DDoS protections included.

Best wishes,