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2013 Re Loaded
28-06-13, 11:16
Following your feedback on the forum, we
decided to reload EG, MG and HG range in
doubling the RAM on all servers.

EG proceeds to 64GB of RAM (as before) to
from 129e/month. And the price of SAS EG
159e/month passes.

MG goes to 128GB of RAM from 169e/month
and MG SAS passes 199e/month

MHG 128GB RAM passes 149/month and MHG 256GB
to 249e/month. Aligning the price of all
customers already delivered.

HG goes to 256GB of RAM from 299/month
HG SSD, SAS and Hybrid is powered by
double E5-2687W (!) with 256GB RAM
proposed 349/month. The servers keep
installation costs.

Customers delivered in 2013 will be reloaded
upgraded in 2013 (re) loaded.

We also noticed that you do not know
not at all the new technologies
storage as FastPath and CacheCade.
But forgot to do the marketing?
We will propose next week benches
to show you how the 2013 range (re) loaded
"Tears" in terms of disk performance as
this article says:
Yes .. yes .. it's between 3x to 20x more
I / O after application ..

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