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vRack 1.5 2.0
27-06-13, 15:12

3-4 years back we launched the virtual rack: vRack. The objective was to offer you a private network on your RBX servers. Since then, we have offered Dedicated Cloud, VPS, BigData, and PCI 2013 is under development. We have 12 datacentres in various areas of France and Quebec, which therefore have a minimum of 200km between them. In addition, our network stretches across more than 20 PoPs around the world, and we offer ADSL, VDSL and SDSL (France only).

You are using all these new services and you give us your feedback on what we should offer in the future.
Here are some issues that have come up:

- Managing Hybrid Cloud with Dedicated Cloud, PCI, VPS and dedicated servers.

- NAS-HA on the private network, suitable for connection to a dedicated server and the Cloud, via any DC.

- Infrastructures with no public network, only private networks with an extension via VPN, ADSL, VDSL, SDSL or 1G or 10G connections on one of our PoPs.

- To interconnect a primary infrastructure in one DC, and a disaster recovery infrastructure in another DC.

- Storage and archives with a private connection i.e. with no public network.

The concept of a VPN often comes back to using our services: you have your on-site infrastructures and you would like to have additional capacity on ours, via a VPN.

And so the private network between services hosted at OVH + the VPN (via IPSec, ADSL, VDSL, SDSL or 1G/10G connection) is what we want to set up for the new version of vRack. Versions 1.5 and 2.0.

We discussed requirements with various manufacturers at length, and it was clear that we could not find any interesting technology that would enable us to do all that, but with greater scalability, redundancy and low latency etc. We basically waited, while continuing to offer you vRack 1.0

Until the day that…
We signed a considerable amount of NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) in order to have preview access in Europe on a new private network technology to be released in a few weeks/month.
So we cannot tell you what we have chosen as hardware, as technically, it's not yet on the market…

We are the sole European client for this technology. In the USA, one of our competitors visibly appears to be also testing this technology and has already started to publicise Hybrid Cloud. In Europe, none of our competitors are currently up-to-date with what it's all about. Nor can we disclose who we have partnered with. We think that in 3 years' time, this new technology will be the basis of the network in datacentres and that nobody will deploy networks in the way that they do today.

After thorough consideration, we are happy to be ahead of the game.

We placed the orders for the hardware and it will start to arrive at OVH from July 15th. It should take us about 6 weeks to deploy this new private network across all our datacentres, in order to interconnect all the services between them. As for dedicated servers, we will activate the 2nd network interface for EG/MG servers in 1G, and HG servers in 10G.

To accelerate the exchanges between the datacentres spaced at + 200km, we will authorise the MTU 9000, which will have a direct impact on the maximum bandwidth that you will be able to reach between Europe and Quebec, as already seen between Strasbourg and Roubaix. There will be no affect on exchanges in the same zone as latency is already minimal. As well as the private network, we will offer public IPs, as with vRack 1.0, but with the addition of access via the VPN (IPSec).

You also will have the ACE/IP LB/Anycast option and you will thus manage one infrastructure between BHS GRA RBX and SBG with the same IP announced on the 4 sites and the infrastructures in each DC, which are interconnected via a private network. vRack 1.5 is planned for the end of August. Maximum of 10 private networks per customer.

vRack 2.0 will arrive at the start of 2014 with the set-up of the private network over 20 PoPs around the the world, xDSL, and increase in the number of private networks: 4000 "by end point" i.e. per server or pCC. That is unlimited per customer. There are also plenty of other things but we are bound by the NDA that prevents us from revealing all the power of this new technology.

vRack 1.5 Offer
The vRack 1.5 Beta phase starts mid-July and it will be released in stable form on Septembre 1st. It will function in BHS, GRA, RBX and SBG and will enable dedicated servers to Dedicated Cloud and PCI 2013, no matter which DC. We are going to offer VPN, public IPs and ACE.

When it comes to dedicated servers, vRack 1.5 is available exclusively on the EGs, MGs and HGs.

Included in the price of the server:
- network of 10Mbps, and 1 only private network. This allows for testing or development.

With PRO use:
- network of 1Gbps/10Gbps guaranteed, and 10 networks per customer

When it comes to Dedicated Cloud, vRack 1.5 is available by default.
Only 1 private network.

In order to bear the investments and costs related to this new, enormous, fully redundant, multi-zone, multi-continent network, and including the deployment of tens of thousands of new 1G/10G ports in our datacentres, we have chosen to adjust the price of PRO use:
- The price of PRO use for EG and MG will move from 15/month to €30/month, starting from September 1st.
- The price of PRO for HG remains at €44/month

The pCC price will increase by €15/month from September 1st.

vRack 2.0 Offer
By the start of 2014, we will have finished deploying the network private across all of our PoPs around the world. The aim is getting back fibre optic customers that want to connect to our datacentres in a dedicated and private fashion via the 1G and 10G links. We will also be able to integrate ADSL, VDSL and SDSL (France only) therein. We are also looking to partner with an operator in order to divide up the buildings of customers wanting to retain their infrastructure, while using us for new projects and any excesses. France, Quebec and the USA. 4000 private networks per Dedicated Cloud and 100 private networks per PCI. We will also include the VPS with 10 private networks per VPS.

And vRack 1.0?
As soon as vRack 1.5 is available, we will start to migrate all vRack 1.0 customers onto version 1.5.

The advantage is that the 2 versions can function simultaneously, which will facilitate a smooth migration process.

Kind regards,