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DNS Anycast
26-06-13, 18:36

In order for your domain names to function, you must configure the DNS. The first requests on a website are done initially on the DNS server before locating the server that hosts the website.

We are now offering Anycast DNS. It's basically a DNS service hosted in 20 PoPs around the world. The big advantage of our service is that your domain name's first DNS requests are made as close to the visitor as possible. Thanks to the geolocation of DNS servers, latency is considerably reduced, especially when your visitors come from all over.

In addition to low latency, the service also offers redundancy of 2000%, as rather than having 2 DNS servers with 2 IPs, the Anycast DNS is assured by 40 DNS servers spread across the world. If one server breaks down, DNS requests automatically pass onto another.
The cost of the service is €0.99/yr (!!)

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