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Manager v6 for VPS and domain names
21-03-13, 18:32

We are pleased to bring into production the new manager v6 for WEB universe. This manager can now manage VPS 2013 and some features of domains. We will add all the other features of domain names, emails, as well as the hosting, mutu-private, prestashop modules like wordpress or etc..

This manager is oriented business WEB. for achieve, we put in our head WEB customers and we imagined their work daily. The goal is to save time.

In all, we are working on four worlds:
- WEB: Domains, Email, SSL, Mutu, Cloud, VPS, ..
- Dedicated: Server, Cloud, CDN, vRack, NAS, BigData, ..
- Cloud: Instance, Storage, Archiving, ..
- Telecom: ADSL, VoIP, Site, HubiC, Email, VPN, ..

The manager uses the API v6. new generation of the API that has no limitation SoAPI: login with the token, so full security, data
changed the static component and with bigdata not limit number of connections simulation, full security etc..

This is the baby, according to the team that worked above, must be a "whaouu."

So, is it like the "whaouu"?