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IPs Ready To Renew

30-11-12, 13:35

From today you can renew your additional IPv4 addresses and your RIPE blocks.

We have decided to continue to operate as we always worked in the past. That is to say that we will implement this billing change on the renewal of your server.
Therefore, the expiry date of your IP will be aligned with the expiry date of your server, and you will not have to worry about "missing" them.

From tomorrow you will receive, as for your other OVH services, an reminder email about the expiration date of your IPs, and a link to renew them. Remember that if you do not want to renew one or more of your IPs, you should go to your manager to delete them.

If you want to renew your services now, or just to see the list of services expiring soon, you can go to the following URL: then use the link "renew your products using your customer ID" at the bottom of the page.

We took the opportunity to add functionality to the manager to see the list of IPs with more ease: a section where you can see the list of IP failover and blocks attached to your nic-handle. To access this list, go to the "Services" section of your dedicated server, then "List of IPs". We will add more features to this list in the coming weeks (delete / move IP, etc.)..


OVH NL team