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Slackware update

14-11-12, 11:25

The latest version of the oldest distribution still active is now available for reinstall in 64 bits at OVH:

Slackware 14

It will soon be available to order for new servers.
Slackware repository has updated the most frequently used packages

Bind 9.9.1
Apache 2.4.3
MySQL 5.5.27
PHP 5.4.7
Bash 4.2.037
Perl 5.16.1
Python 2.7.3
Ruby 1.9.3

As usual, the installation via manager is minimal and therefore only has SSH and DNS services.

Note the addition of the tool "slapt-get", which facilitates the management of (non-)installed packages. If you are already under Slackware 13, you
can also update with "slackpkg" instead of reinstalling.

Another novelty (at OVH) is the installation and preconfiguration of the IPv6 network, which is now available for all distributions.

For more details, the official announcement can be found here:

The new Slackware is currently in BETA, do not hesitate to send your comments here.