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Kimsufi 2013
22-10-12, 19:02

The 2013 Kimsufi range consists of three packages.
With 2013 bandwidth, ie 100Mbps limited to 5TB per month, we return to servers with RAID.

As follows:
Kimsufi 2G does not change. an ATOM, 2GB RAM and a 1TB for €13.99.

Kimsufi R-2G is the same platform as Kimsufi 2G, that is the same ATOM 2GB of RAM, it has two 500GB disks. It is therefore possible to have RAID for €19.99 /month.

Kimsufi R-8G is a Intel i3 (2 cores / 4 threads) to 3.4GHz + with 8GB RAM and 2x 1TB drives. For €29.99/ month.

3 KS packages have IPv4 and 1/64 IPv6. Optionally, you can take 3 IPv4 failover.

Learn more:

The same offer will be available in all our subsidiaries.

Simple, fast and efficient. Kimsufi.