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WEB hosting, vKS, vKS GEO and VPS

17-10-12, 12:08

It is more than one year since we have implemented OVH VPS offers. These offers are based on our pCC which ensures high availability and an important quality of service. They are true virtual machines with guaranteed resources (CPU, RAM, disk and network) and so priced accordingly. High quality and quite expensive, since the offers begin 15 a month.

Unfortunately, we were wrong about the name. In the market under the name of the "VPS", customers think they have a cheap virtual machine, but not virtualized with isolated resources more or less guaranteed. In short, the entry level virtualisation with a strong emphasis on price.

In addition, the idea of the commercial site with a slider on which to choose + or - resources is clearly not a good idea. Should be offered with clear and precise manner, and not make a "Las Vegas" bar where everything moves and you have nothing left at the end.

The "VPS" offer for the entry level, we offer under the name "VKS". not on OVH but Isgenoeg. These are offers isolated with OpenVZ with pCC that rotates. These two allows us always ensure high availability VKS while offering prices really interesting because of the resource pools.

"VKS GEO" version "micro VKS." has been BETA tested for free for 6 months, for this we set up 9 infrastructures MPCC in the world: Paris, Frankfurt, Milan, Madrid, Newark, NJ, Dallas, TX, Chicago, IL, San Jose, CA and Hong Kong, HK. We provide more than 30,000 GEO VKS to beta testers, but we're pretty disappointed it was expected to propose more than 70,000 in a few weeks. In short, demand in this market segment is quite low and the final with little technical means we arrive at the end.

One of the repeated requests for the vKS platform is VPN. Although technically it's not a big deal to activate it, we won't offer the VPN functionality on vKS. Its use is very often border-line, which very often involves abuse, scans and management of attacks. If you need it, we invite you to use a real server as Kimsufi KS.
In case of problems you're the only one affected by the attack.

And so, we will make some changes to OVH Website to better communicate with our customers, choose the names of the offers and present good work,
correctly the ultimate need of every customer.


- The technical OVH VPS. Disappears temporarily. It will reappear in 1 month in "Private Cloud". We will build a technical package that will meet several needs:
- Running a VM or VM network
- Payment per hour or month
- Guaranteed resources, high disk IO
- High availability 99.99%
- Project management with insulation
in the private network for each project
- Geolocation and the ability to move a VM cold or hot on our 3 POP
- CDN DNS Low Latency
- Interoperability of Cloud and thus ability to move a VM from your Cloud
(vSphere, AWS, etc.) to our Cloud and vice versa.

- The VKS will move to OVH and change the name. It will now be called VPS.

- The VKS GEO will be offered on OVH under VPS name with a capacity to rotate in 9 places in the world and within 5 minutes.

More broadly, we are working on establishment of a "universe" called "WEB" and grouped under the same menu:

- Domain name
- Email
- Linux shared hosting
- Shared hosting windows
- Cloud web
- Vks with root
- Paas (php, java, ror, python, mysql, hadoop,
mangodb, memcache, etc)
- Accommodation and high availability managed and all this with the ability to choose the place of accommodation RBX, SBG and BHS

In addition to commercial offerings that will happen very quickly, it completely reworked manager and APIs. An urgent problem that we now treat
on mutu: performance on some modules as prestashop. We think we can fix this problem in 2 to 3 weeks.

That's the roadmap of the universe "WEB".