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Your opinion about some Kimsufi requests

17-10-12, 05:00
For me it doesn't matter

08-10-12, 12:25
I believe the 5TB limit is already in place? -- more TB's for the bigger servers though -- I'd keep it that way..

But bringing raid back would be a good idea. I still have a kimsufi server with raid.
28-09-12, 10:10

After some discussions about the orientation of our 2013 Kimsufi offers we've come to two choices:

1 - We change nothing

2- We offer RAID and a quota of external traffic included of 5TB. ie:
- We offer you two raid-soft disks
- 5 TB Traffic limit outside of our network, if exceeded, bandwidth is limited to 10 Mbps, to increase this, it's €3.99 per TB.

We'd like to hear your opinions on this.