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New distribution: SmartOS

19-07-12, 13:31

At OVH we use our own infrastructure of advanced features such as ZFS for file systems or Zones for virtualization.
Recently we had the opportunity to try an open source distribution with these features. Since we have been convinced by the results, we are pleased to offer you SmartOS.

Based on Open Solaris, it includes many software solutions for dedicated servers such as:
- DTrace
- Zones

This OS uses a few resources will allow you to dedicate the power of your servers to your applications. For the very first time at OVH, the OS is only in netboot: the whole disk space can be used for the data and the system can be updated with a simple reboot (a bit like linux kernel).

You can now install SmartOS from your manager.

For more information about these OS features, please go to

Like for any new OS offered by OVH, this is an alpha and please feel free to share your feedbacks, comments in order to improve its integration in our different ranges of dedicated servers.
to our range of dedicated servers.

The OVH Team