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End of the BETA in BHS
11-07-12, 17:58

A few months ago we started the construction of our data center in North America: BHS. In February we started the ALPHA: 900 servers. And for the last 2 months we have been doing the BETA of our dedicated servers with 100 servers a day 5 days a week.

We're gradually moving towards the end of the BHS BETA for our customers in Europe from the 15th July until 15th August We
want you to test our dedicated servers based in BHS for one month at least. So those who received their server on the 15th May, your test will end on the 15th July. Those who will have their server on the 15th July (sorry for delay) it will end on the 15th August.

Overall you have created 2008 dedicated servers orders and we have delivered 1564 servers. The rest will be delivered this week. We have activated three pipelines of motherboards and now we will be able to deliver them very quickly.

We would like to thank you for your feedback and requests that you have sent regarding additional services. The IP failover arrives
this week. FTP Backup within 3 weeks. The EG / MG servers will be available before the end of the month. The HG / pCC is planned for late August. The vrack and NAS-HA will be available at the same time. We are working hard to speed up the arrival of the material on our BHS server production lines. Our BHS teams know how to produce 200 servers a day. We are present 24/7 in the DC like in Europe. In short, we are ready!

So what's happening now?

If you have a BETA server and you want to keep it, it will be possible. You must only renew it before the expiration date. The SP mini server is at the same price as in Europe: 49 +vat / month.

If you do not have a BETA server, you will be able to order a SP mini server from the 15th July as usual but you must choose BHS data centre. Overall OVH will offer three data centers: RBX, SBG and BHS respectively Roubaix, Strasbourg and Beauharnois. Early 2013 we will also offer servers in Gravelines (Northern France) then in 2014 a DC located in west of North America. Well, if all goes well

If you have an Alpha server, you won't be able to keep it. You must order a dedicated server in BHS. The order will be available from the 15th July for 49/month then copy your data from Alpha to your new server. ALPHA continues until the end of July. On 1st August all ALPHA servers will be recycled.

ALPHA servers do not go to the bin as originally planned. We will offer them for free for 10 days to test our Beauharnois infrastructure. We will use SMS to validate these tests orders with a delivery in a few minutes. 10 days later, the server expires, we
reformat it and we deliver it again. We'll do the same thing in Roubaix, Strasbourg and Gravelines. The service will be limited but you will be able to see from your own eyes the quality of the network, the wealthy manager and the support reactivity. Then the happiness of managing your own server

We are really excited and really looking forward to see how our DC will be filled in BHS. We hope that the service we are trying to provide you in North America will meet your needs and that many of you will be many to enjoy it to develop your infrastructures and reach new markets.

The BETA in USA and Canada will begin from 15th July. It is for customers based in North America. It will last one month and then the server will be offered at $79 /month with the monthly payment and $69 /month with annual payment (one shot). It's $10 more than in Europe.

Why? We will upgrade our offers with Business Bandwidth by default on all the servers. Therefore we will offer 100Mbps guarantees
whatever the number of servers. So we will stop the bandwidth limitations depending on the number of servers for our CA / USA customers. It will be the same for all SP / EG / MG / HG servers: 100Mbps of bandwidth guaranteed per server to the outside network and not internally limited. We can unleash the bandwidth of 100Mbps to 1Gbps and to 10Gbps per server and switch the billing system to "TB actually consumed to the outside network." You will have to pay $CAN 50 p/m to enable the option, receive a stock of 30TB p/m then pay the additional TB consumed to the external network during the month. This is very interesting for servers with 1Gbps and 10Gbps network. If this development is a success in North America, we will try to do the same in Europe for all our customers. But it will mean +10 p/m for a monthly payment on SP, +15 p/m for EG and +20 p/m for MG. It means a lot of changes and we will take the time to see if it's worth it and if our customers will be really happy with it.

Kimsufi will remain with non guaranteed bandwidth and therefore no changes in Europe. And we are not planning on launching them in US to prevent being labelled labelled as a discounter. We will first provide good value servers