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BHS - The Grand Opening 3 2 1 go
24-05-12, 10:56

We are pleased to announce that our datacentre in North America, in Quebec to be precise, is open.

Code name: BHS as in Beauharnois.

So now the BETA phase starts which is used for our BHS teams to manage customer orders and get to organise themselves to deliver servers in less than 1 hour. Since we know that we need a few weeks to get support, we're offering you this BETA for free.

Participation is simple

> Dedicated Server
New Datacentre >>
SP Mini 2012 >>
New Datacentre >>

then "I want to participate"

You will need a twitter account to submit your order.

Today we have 90 codes to be delivered. If you have not had a chance to get one today you can come back tomorrow. Each day we will put between 45 and 90 codes for 45 to 90 orders for 45 to 90 servers. Each day. Automatically.

Deliveries will begin next week. So a little patience is needed. We have made ​​every effort to deliver. We're synchronising stock between France and Quebec, we passed through customs with all that, then we built our servers one by one then made them ping. It's quite complex because the requirements in terms of quality are very high: the service is only profitable if it is very reliable. But we have "a bit" of business experience with Roubaix where we've built 25,000 to 30,000 servers each year. We'll get there, eh?

The server that will be deployed at the moment is the miniSP 2012.

Thank you to everyone and let the party begin!