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BHS: less than 3 days

23-05-12, 20:30
Nice stuff you have going on there!
22-05-12, 02:16

It's difficult to sum up six months of work in a few posts.

So in practice, where are the servers in BHS?

The servers will be hosted in the towers like RBX4 but smaller. RBX4 has 7 floors. BHS is equipped with towers of 3 floors. Depending on the server type that we offer, we can host 10,800, 21,600 or 29,280 servers per tower.


Regarding the construction: we have completed Tower No. 1 by keeping the old building of RTA. This allows us to force the air flow in our towers. Air enters through the two sides of the building and exits from the top of the building.

And there is room for the other towers:

This approach allows us to preheat cold air during the winter with the heat that the tower produces. It was the only technical problem we had to fix to export our technology. Indeed, during the summer we have no problem.

Winter is over, we are going to be able to carry out the asthetic work to make the former RTA Building "prettier". That said one added value is to regulate the outside inside temperature. This is not a priority. Especially because the winter temperature is about -5 C / -20c and we could not do anything.

Regarding the electric network, we are renovating our electric sub-station following a very precise schedule:
The energy then goes to an internal electrical network via the CDP, UPS and transformers to arrive later in the racks of the tower.

In construction:

Almost finished:

Regarding security, we will soon complete the establishment of the first enclosing wall all around our building (1.5km).

In terms of air conditioning, we use the cooling system which allows us to have a PUE <1.1 (taking into account all losses from 120kV to server ..). The technology is our business core, we do not have any pictures of the 4th Generation (water that does not flow) that we have implemented at BHS.