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BHS < 4 days
20-05-12, 17:00

This email follows from "BHS < 6 days".

As you know, this Wednesday we're starting the BETA in our DC in North America. It is, in Quebec, 80km from the U.S. border. This is where Beauharnois is located and its code name is "BHS".

BHS is also within 300m of the second largest hydroelectric dam in the country. 2000KVA. We will be taking 40KVA.

Our private substation is fed by two 120KV electrical supply. We need to transform the voltage from 120'000V to 13'800V with these large transformers.

A DC, should usually have 3 electricity sources. Usually the third energy source is provided by back-up generators. That's what we have in Roubaix and Strasbourg. But statistically speaking generators "aren't very reliable" (c). Just read our test reports in Roubaix we do every 4 weeks for the last 6 years .. We're searching for the most reliable and better way to avoid taking unnecessary risks. Today, our best is having a third electrical source of 120kV which is located a substation 15km from our site. This is much better than generators. But we're looking for a 100% SLA .. 20-30 years.

Returning to the BETA.

The service will ensure that during the BETA we will have it as professional as we have it in France. The ALPHA phase allowed us to train our teams and ensure 27/7 support...and this has gone very well.

But the ALPHA phase was a hit and is now finished. The BETA will allow us to start activities and really put the pressure on all our teams and not just on the ordering side. The objective of the BETA test is to have a dedicated server delivered in 1Hr max and 5 minutes max for Cloud he objective of the BETA. Delivering 45 servers per day, then 90 servers, 180, 240 and 360 servers per day, it can not be explained theoretically. We have lived it. And that's exactly the goal of BETA. Show the support and deliver the service.

We think it will take about two months to have this type of support - i.e.: in May, June and July. It is estimated that from August the service will switch to monthly billing in exactly the same way as in Europe. Can we do it faster.... we'll see.

Our customers don't have to know anything more that they're used to with the new BHS datacentre (in addition to SBG and RBX). Ordering remains the same, the manager remains the same, payment, emails and support all stay the same.

The BETA is free. At the end of July we will send a reminder and if you want to keep your BETA server in PROD, simply pay for the BHS server before the 1st August. Otherwise, we will take it back with no commitment from you.

In terms of price, we want to offer the same service at the same price as in Europe. Billing will be as usual in the currency of our customers (Euro, Pound, PLN) and not in Dollars. In short, we're not changing habits.