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DC Quebec BETA phase < 6 days
17-05-12, 16:48

In 6 days we will start in North America with our new DC which is in Quebec at Beauharnois (BHS).

We have planned a BETA stage to "test the internal engine". As you know we offer dedicated servers and cloud computing services (pCC, pCI, Cloud Server etc.), which completely rely on our internal expertise. We do not subcontract the construction of the data centre, we do not buy servers in beautiful boxes, we do not subcontract external support advisors and we do not say that it's not our fault if it goes down. We are in charge of all levels and are therefore 100% responsible.

Managing everything from A to Z is very complex and requires us to have experts in all areas who are constantly available. But this also allows us to avoid failures, prevent errors in design and deliver a good value for money service.

At BHS, we're building a data centre with a high availability power system and a liquid cooling system for servers. We are setting up our own production lines of servers, and we manage the stock of parts that come from four corners of the world in order to produce servers in almost real time following your request. We are building a redundant and very high capacity private fibre network between the DC and our strategic POPs in Canada and the USA. Finally, we are providing support and maintenance 24/7 for our overall infrastructure and services that we rent to our customers.

All this work is carried out with internal teams and some local subcontractors (electricity and building construction), which are fewer than 50 people companies and have a very high technical level internally to rethink standard concepts. All engineering and design is managed by our internal teams, who are constantly reviewing and questioning everything. That's our job: to do everything but differently.

At BHS we have had to pass our internal expertise from France to the new teams that we are recruiting in Beauharnois and Montreal. We have finished the training phase with our FR team at BHS and the Quebec team visits to RBX.

We will now move from the training phase to real conditions we call "BETA".

More tomorrow.

All the best,