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Alpha US go

28-03-12, 13:28
Nice location.
I like the fact that the energy source for the new datacentre is 100% green.

Also the largest datacentre in the world, WOW thats great .
You should build one in the Netherlands tough :P

28-03-12, 03:55
Superb, thx so much!!!
27-03-12, 23:06
You already benefit from our dedicated
servers in Europe? You're going to love
what we have set up for you in North
America: 360 000 servers to meet your
redundancy, backup and customer proximity

Be part of the ALPHA: request a free
test server and give us all the feedback
you feel is important. But hurry! This
is a closed Alpha limited to 1,000 servers.

1st step: sign up:

2nd step: to validate the free of charge
order, please sign up on the "Alpha US"
mailing list, by sending an email to:
then post your order number on it

The first 1,000 ALPHA's orders will be
validated by our teams and you will be
given access within a few hours to your
ALPHA dedicated server located in North

We expect to deliver the ALPHA dedicated
servers tonight or/and tomorrow morning.

Thank you for joining our ALPHA phase!