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Effet MegaUpload

06-02-12, 18:14
Mensen gaan de alternatieven die bij OVH staan gehost (bijvoorbeeld zippyshare) meer gebruiken?

06-02-12, 11:18
Snap het niet helemaal,
Hoe kan er nu meer dataverkeer door OVH geroute worden als megaupload eruit ligt?
06-02-12, 02:08

Since the closure of MegaUpload, traffic
on our network has sharply increased. In 2-3 days
we went from 450-460Gbps to 520-530Gbps. It's
a "small" increase of 10-15%, with the same
number of customers. Generally during this period
of the year nothing happens. And there, in the space
of a weekend, our network has won 60-70Gbps!

According to research the only explanation we
found was that networks and internal ISPs in
Europe were saturated. Our traffic with the same
QoS than MegaUpload, all IP packets
fighting to get the site visitors / customers
ISPs in Europe. It's happening for much of Europe and is
very visible in France, Poland, Spain
as Germany, Italy & Belgium, it's very obvious.

In short, as MegaUpload has released the
bandwidth, our network immediately took a part of
this bandwidth, and our existing customers have
recorded an improved quality of bandwidth
to all ISPs in Europe.

The only exception is Orange (AS3215) in France, where
bandwidth is strictly the same as before.
Two assumptions: the internal network of Orange does not saturate
or QoS OVH has been given priority over
MegaUpload and so towards a saturated network our traffic
is going first. In short, no MegaUpload effect at Orange