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TEST aanbieding - (Engels)

31-01-12, 14:10

In May 2008, we offered you to test a new virtualisation distribution called Proxmox VE (version 0.8). Over time, it has been very successful since it became the number 1 distribution in OVH for virtualisation (in terms of number of servers).

Almost four years and many changes and improvements later, the Proxmox team is about to launch version 2.0. We would like to offer access to the Beta by offering it in the Manager for re installation.

Some new features:
- Based on Debian 6.0 Squeeze
- Kernel 2.6.32 (based on the RHEL 6 core)
- Completely redesigned web interface:
*Improved scalability for large infrastructure (many hosts / VM)
*Access to the VM via VNC directly (no Java!)
*Multi-user and permission management (planned)
- High Availability Cluster (OpenVZ and KVM)
- Proxmox Cluster file system (pmxcfs)
- Backup / Restore features via the web interface as well as CLI

For the extensive list with all the details, see

At OVH this distribution is marked as "ALPHA" as it is a "technology preview".


OVH Team