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Red Hot arrivent en Kimsufi

02-02-12, 17:52
En komen er ook nog eens andere bakken op

Want die twee die er nu staan staan er al maanden op.
Of is dat ook de bedoeling?

30-11-11, 23:06
Dus zijn dit een soort van bakken die elke week anders kunnen zijn?
30-11-11, 14:30
A few years ago, we set up the Kimsufi offers to counter the offers from our competitors in France and Europe. Since then, we've developed Kimsufi range according to what our competitors offer. This is range is the same, if not better, just to keep the pressure on the market.

Napoleon said "The best defence is a good offence."

OVH said "Why do we have all this violence? We're no longer in the Middle Ages".

Under the tag "Special Editions" ,OVH is now offering limited quantities of Kimsufi over time. The purpose of these offers is to
offer dedicated servers that are beyond the "norm" of the market and at the same time put a little spice into the dedicated server market. From Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Red Hot what

At this price level, we're looking to better address the servers between €20 p/m and €50 p/m.

Technically speaking, we will enjoy the fact that OVH has its own assembly line of dedicated servers that are ready to switch production from one day to another. We will use them by changing the type of production every 2 or 3 days to make the unique configurations.

We also seek to better meet the needs of some customers who can't find what they need in the current range. Infact, we will do a lot of configuration tests and other trade-off between CPU, RAM and hard-drives to find a better ratio of these three ingredients for the prices our customers expect.

We also think it's another way to fight against turnover. The customer pays less for more resources and can not order the same server twice as it is special edition and therefore limited in quantity. So it should be more difficult for this customer to release the server with resources / price that's significantly higher than average. We will also use these offers to use the hardware that is more palatable to the market as a standard offering but it is an excellent compromise for a cheaper price.

In short, we could do a lot of things with these "special edition" Kimsufis.

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All the best