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New HG 2011 Reloaded

18-10-11, 14:22

We shopped around for an offer better than the HG 2011.
Is there a better CPU on the market?
What technologies have emerged since the launch of HG in April 2011?
To these questions, we have not found a satisfactory answer.

In fact, how can we better a fully customisable and scalable server offer? It's housed in the most optimal conditions (dual independent power supply) connected to a 10Gbps lossless network which is fully redundant.

Finally the answer came to us: we wanted to make the 2011 HG even more accessible, so you can enjoy it!

HG 2011 Reloaded is now available at 299 p/m (a reduction of 25% compared with the HG 2011).
In addition, installation costs are available on variations of the BestOF and SSD.

Only the processor has changed: HG 2011 Reloaded is now available by default with 2 CPU Xeon E5630 (4 cores each, 8 threads to 2.53 GHz, 2.8 GHz Turbo Frequency). You can of course keep the X5650 option, or opt for the X5690.

HG 2011 Reloaded details :
- 2 to 36 disks (SATA/SAS/SSD)
- 48 GB to 192 GB of RAM (DDR3 ECC)
- Bi-Xeon E5630 2x4x2(HT)x2.53 GHz (option of X5650 2x6x2(HT)x2.66 GHz or X5690 2x6x2(HT)x3.46 GHz)
- 10Gbps Lossless network infrastructure (optional 2nd port 10Gbps network dedicated to the virtual rack)
- 40 TB included, with extra traffic costing only 1.00 per TB (min 2 TB)
- 4 IP (RIPE IP blocks optional)
- RAID Hardware MegaRAID 6 Gbps (with battery backup)
- Redundant power supply (included with PROFESSIONAL use)
- KVM / IP and Serial-over-IP (included with pro use.)

And of course all the options to fully utilise this server:
- Dedicated firewall ASA55xx
- Managed Storage NAS 100 GB to 3.6 TB
- Virtual rack / ACE load balancer / ...
- etc.

At any time, you can upgrade your server: more CPU, more RAM, more hard drives.
You only pay the installation costs as the monthly cost remains the same.

So, the HG 2011 Reloaded is ultimately an adjustment, but we are so proud of our HG servers we want to share them with as many of you as possible!

All the best