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CDN in alpha
27-08-11, 15:46

As already announced, OVH is working on deploying its own CDN infrastructure. The idea is to bring the visitor to the infrastructure and improve the comfort of visitors to your site.

Alpha started there three weeks. You can test it on which is the CDN lab. We hid the content on the CDN and it delivers without overloading the core infrastructure. This is the principle of the CDN.

CDN betas will start in late September. We must first deploy our infrastructure in 22 POPs in the world. We have started to receive the hardware, routers, cards, etc.. We'll set this up and deploy. It is thought to spend the month of September to travel around the world Yes there is a bit of a drag from when we actually get out there and run it and from what has has been pre configured in the lab.

We have selected Geocast technology, i.e.: the CDN IPs that are announced via the /24 in BGP on all 22 POPs worldwide. The visitor sees the IP of course of the nearest CDN and the content is delivered with minimal network latency between the visitor and the infrastructure.

But we want to go further. This infrastructure will enable us to offer a Geocast IP as an IP Failover.

Ok so what? What you can do with a Geocast IP sent over 22 POPs in the world and with VPS hosted on 9 POPs in the world?

You can create your own CDN service with your own systems software because you have the root. You will be able to manage a DNS server that is a Geocast DNS very close to each visitor in the world and add intelligence in the service with it depending on the IP source.
Offering a global VPN service allows you to connect to the nearest infrastructure. etc..
This service is intended for experts, we agree. For customers who want a turnkey service, OVH propose the turnkey CDN depending on your needs.

You will not have to have the core infrastructure at OVH to benefit from these services. When? end of October everything will be put into operation and then we'll be going to beta.

All the best