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IP failover with the LB+FW
27-08-11, 15:32
For some time, we initiated work internally to provide two services related to load balancing and related to the protection against attacks.

In 2009, we released a free IP LB which was based on a series of routing tricks that we have put in place to ensure load L3 balancing up to 8 servers. The service was very complex to implement and did not give complete satisfaction: complexity in terms of bugs, limitations and failures.

That's why we decided not to offer this service on servers in RBX4.

Since work on the CDN, we set up a technology that can do these two features with a single service. Currently this technology is used in alpha test of internal CDN: for 3 weeks has been the lab version of the (future) CDN service.

We can therefore offer the same technology to offer IP failover with load balancing and firewall with hardware that can protect against syn-flood. The service is very simple and we have been using it for 4 years. Put simply, we have not been able to see how we could use it for other things.. so we've taken a step back to see if we can get a brainwave

In short, we hope to start the IP failover LB + FW beta service mid September. We need to offer the migration of existing IP LB to the new infrastructure. As a result, we will be able to deliver it to new customers.

All the best