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US, Canada, Asia, Brazil Network

30-07-11, 10:59
Als dit ook een beetje betaalbare bandbreedte in asia betekend ben ik zeker geinteresseerd!
De huidige route naar asia is frankrijk -> london-> new york-> san fransisco -> tokyo -> hongkong -> rest
wat natuurlijk niet veel soeps qua downloadsnelheid oplevert..
29-07-11, 20:32
Here we go,

OVH is implementing a CDN of its own
based on 22 points of presence
in the world. It will offer VPS to
Europe, U.S. or Asia. 200Gbps capacity
network. 240Gbps capacity CDN. 18000
VPS ready to run.

Start of service: end of September.

We just finished the negotiations and
the signatures of all contracts for
deployment of our network in the U.S.,
ASIA and CA. This is a first step
which is to set up the network
then set to ping. We're going to take the
opportunity to create our own network
CDN then install 9 mini-infrastructure
VPS in the world. The idea is to propose
VPS services and find where
there is significant growth and where we
need to build large data centers

Here is the network map for U.S. and CA:
[url] [/ url]

New York is already up. The rest will be up to
late September.

Late September, we will provide VPS to:
- Paris
- Roubaix
- Frankfurt
- Strasbourg
- Milano
- Madrid
- Dallas
- Newark
- Chicago
- San Jose
- Hong Kong
11 VPS infrastructures.

The CDN will be based on a network:
- London
- Amsterdam
- Warsaw
- Vienna
- Milano
- Frankfurt
- Paris
- Madrid
- Newark
- Toronto
- Chicago
- San Jose
- Seattle
- Los Angeles
- Dallas
- Atlanta
- Miami
- Ashburn
- Tokyo
- Hong Kong
- Singapore
- Sao Paolo
22 POP

The capacity of 200Gbps network increases.
We can deliver 240Gbps in CDN and
18,000 VPS worldwide.
Based on 12 POPs (Point of Presence)
the U.S, CA (almost as much as we have
in Europe), and 3 POPs in Asia: Tokyo, Hong Kong
and Singapore. We also have a presence
in Sao Paolo, Brazil. All links are
10G and we started negotiations for
10x10G 10x100G. based on
Infinera equipment. We can turn
our own waves and insert them into the
existing network of suppliers that
already have a lot. Simple and very fast.
No need to manage the optical amplification
every 60km.

Between London and the USA we will have 50Gbps
capacity and it will ping to 67ms. we will make
use of AC-1, AC-2, TAT and TGN-14. Between
Newark and San Jose the ping will be 70ms. Between
Chicago and Dallas it will be 19ms.

Now it's getting interesting
Monday we make orders for routers, switches
and servers. Then connect them all
to the whole set. Then they are deployed.
In early September it should ping to 90%, then
we will have until the end of Steptember to
fix any problems. Or 3 months after starting
the project. Hopefully.

Big thank you to the teams at our suppliers
that responded to our requests following
this month of madness. It was very tense
and very tight but we did it

Suppliers we have chosen for
this venture are:
- ancotel
- Coresite
- Equinix
- Global Crossing
- KPNQwest
- Level3
- Mega iAdvanced
- Tata
- Telia
- Telx
- Terremark

In parallel we are working on setting
up a large data center on the
East side .. hopefully, we can
deliver the first servers in North America
in October this year ..