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26-07-11, 15:10
As you have heard, the VSDL2 standard was validated by the ARCEP Expert Committee. It is also necessary that ARCEP and then the government say yes to make it the norm so we can see if it works for you.

As soon as the standard is validated by ARCEP, using VSDL2, OVH can deliver guaranteed 100M symmetrical through investments that we have just unbundled with the 170 NRA in France. The standard was validated in-house, our VSDL2 DSLAMs are compatible, we have VSDL2 modems and if we get the go ahead this afternoon from ARCEP, tomorrow we can connect the first customer on our VSDL2+ network ..

We are extremely pleased with this progress. We have always said that building the fibre network in France, is like building a third network in France (the first is copper and the second 2G/3G). It is very expensive and not moving fast enough. Rather than raising money on the optical fibre, it is better to start the VSDL2+ and then continue to unbundle the NRA throughout France and offer it in all towns in France with the same Internet quality to that in the city.

Faced with the needs of growing customer bandwidth quality, the arrival of the cloud and many SaaS services that have arrived on VSDL2+ it is a logical and natural alternative that has already been used in Germany and Belgium. We hope that France will accept the standard quickly so they can catch up on the Internet at 100M or more. As the Internet has started to move in France ..

In short, we expect the validation of VSDL2+ to boost the Internet connection market in France.

All the best