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Brand management
12-07-11, 19:44
The "brand management" beta test starts today.

What's the point?
You have a brand, for example, "ibm" or "iphone" or you have not yet registered.

Here's what the tool allows you to do:
- If you do not have a brand, the tool allows you to see the activity of a better brand and choose a brand that is not yet widely used and thus will give you brand a better profile.
- Follow the visibility and popularity of a brand on the Internet through the number of registered domain names that contain the brand. so you can follow the evolution of the brand of your competitors.
- Protect your brand against cybersquatting and typosquatting. The tool sends the information on creation of new domain names that contain your brand. This will allow you to launch later in the recovery procedures for your brand by regulators.
- If a domain name that contains your brand becomes available you get an alert, so you can decide to take it or do nothing.
- Discover the domain names that are similar to your brand and take advantage of typing errors to maximise traffic to your site.

We need beta testers for us to trace the experiences and needs. The aim is to refine the service to best meet your needs. If you are an OVH customer, you can register for free now to discover all the features.

The service will cost 50 p/a for monitoring of a brand and it is included in the domain name at 20 p/a.


Awaiting your feedback.

All the best