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In 2 weeks we prodded 13/06
13-06-11, 12:30
Here's the new roadmap for 6 weeks ahead:

And here's what we've been prodding the last 2 weeks

Happy reading and feel free to ask questions or raise anything relating to important features for one thing or another that we should be developing or haven't been developed before etc..


payment methods / TEL2PAY v0.5b
Customising of validation codes to act forms

Customising validation code length forms

xDSL v0.87b
Manager V5
- Monitoring ping, bandwidth and synchronisation.

- Enable IPv6 on the national collecting dsl

Pro modem:
- Updated firmware.

E-mail Solutions
Exchange Features (Manager):
- Last logon time
- Management of external contacts
- Mailing lists with external accounts
- Non-authoritative domains (Reseller's offer Only)

Hosted Exchange (Corporate & Individual) available in:
- United Kingdom
- Germany
- Ireland
- Lithuania

Shared Hosting v4.18
Multi-domain (OVH) independent / autonomous
(From Business Pack)

Updated Wordpress

Dedicated Servers V11.01
Additional bandwidth options
Support partitions larger than 2TB in some distributions (GPT)

Private Cloud v2.0
New VMware licensing model: up to 50% discount on your order

Private Cloud is available in subsidiaries

Start Guide

Upgrade from starter pack

VoIP v2.17
New LG phones:
The panel is enriched with the LG 8000 series. Discover these professional telephones and their dedicated accessories.

Intercom Speakerphone:
Configure your post to automatically answer on speakerphone and call with a specific prefix.

118 712 Directories:
Improve your search engine optimisation, through publication in the 118 712 Orange directory in addition to the Yellow Pages.

Fax credit counter:
In a blink of an eye, view your remaining credit on your account from your Manager.

4.1.7 MoM
- SMS Quota management
- Revival of the server installation after failure
Give your opinion on the MoM

EcoFax 1.0a13
Resend/transfer a fax

Momi 1.8
- Database
- Telephony
- List of lines
- Call History and Fax
- Monitoring consumption
- Address Book
- Listing