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New 2011 range of dedicated servers in subsidiaries

19-05-11, 16:23
Hmm, terwijl andere companies juist alle server en bandbreedte kosten omlaag hebben gedaan gooit ovh het omhoog?
Als je een 100 mbit server toch al 15 tb bandbreedte gaat geven, kan je het toch net zo goed unmetered maken.. dat lijkt mij veel betere marketing...
18-05-11, 19:52

After France, we have the pleasure to inform you that the new 2011 range of dedicated servers is now available in all OVH subsidiaries.

We would like to take this opportunity to let you know that we have launched our subsidiary in Morocco.

$ sort

We are currently working on the RU, BR, CA, US and SK websites.

Well done to all OVH teams for the translations, adaptation, production and verification of the websites, order systems, billing etc...