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Dedicated servers range 2011 4 of 4
04-05-11, 16:34
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There's options:

100G FTP Backup

With every server you have a 100GB FTP backup.


By default you have 4 IPs. You have the possibility of taking up to 256 IP's.
Without these IPs, we can't virtualise.

KVM on IPMI option

To have access to the server and then manage it even when you cut the network ... yes ... it happens ... you have the KVM. It is now integrated on the motherboard in the EG and MG range. This option is now included for professional use.

Virtual rack

You can create a private network between all your servers. Why? If you do virtualization, you give an IP to your VM. In a vRack you can switch the VM from one physical server to another without doing anything. No network reconfiguration, nothing to ask anybody. You have your own vLAN and you do what you want: heartbeat, NAS, private IP, hot vMotion.

Load Balancing

The IP load balancing offer is not available on the 2011 range. This is a free offering that continues to operate on RBX1/2/3. On RBX4 and P19 it is impossible for us to integrate it. Instead, you have 2 choices:
enter the vRack and take the load balancing through the ACE hardware cards or wait a few more weeks to add a Load balancing that we offer on the port 80 and 443 with integrated SSL.

Firewall and VPN

A range of 3 ASA 5505, 5510 and 5520 Firewalls can meet the real firewalling needs of up to 700Mbps.


More than 54 distributions ready to virtualise, host websites or naked distribution. Under Linux, Windows and Freebsd.

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