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social networks to the investment fund
03-05-11, 13:46
For a couple of days, OVH has now been on Twitter @olesovhcom. This morning I posted a small visit of RBX4 that's due to start soon as possible.

Why social networks?
To reduce the noise that some OVH communication can generate when targeting information to the appropriate people. For example, if you upgrade a switch in a rack in a datacentre, this information is noise for customers except for 50. However, it is very important for those 50 customers. Instead of developing a
internal tool, we are looking to see if we can reduce the development time for these type of needs.

The aim is also to supplement the outgoing information with customer feedback and to know how to treat the incoming information and knowledge more efficiently.

The same thing is provided on Facebook, Linkedin and Viadeo.
It'll take a little time to rethink and adjust our
internal tools to make all this effective and avoid
overloading the network with information specific to OVH.
Because the goal is to effectively create and manage the diverse range of topics around precise subjects for example: the geeks, resellers, technical snags and strengthen the global offer that OVH and its ecosystems can offer its customers. So, we continue to do everything like we did until then.

This finding comes from thoughts on new business activity in the U.S. and Canada. We realise that our competitors are single competence and instead of doing everything in terms of hosting, they have a range of skills that allows them to quickly offer an excellent global offersl.

OVH now wants to move in this direction, to offer a more complete and comprehensive deal to our customers. With this in mind, we are moving to create an investment fund for pre-seed startups in cloud computing in France and Europe. Our goal is to increase our IaaS/PaaS/SaasS offerings with PaaS and SaaS services that can be developed and delivered in our marketplace to our customers.

Therefore, OVH will concentrate only on IAAS and focus mainly on this section of cloud computing.

All the best