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For these 2 weeks we prodded (15/04)
15-04-11, 23:50

Here's the news for two weeks to come:

And here's what we've been prodding for the last 2 weeks.

DSL v0.84b:
- Cancel of old ISP former simplified by OVH
Cancel your ISP subscription from your provider by creating your cancellation letter in a few clicks, OVH is responsible for mailing it and its follow-up, all for free.

- Manager V5: Update your choice of LNS function by selecting your gateway to the Internet, linked to your location on the network.

- Manager V5: Reverse DNS configuration will be completely OK Monday
Set the Reverse DNS of the IP related to your connection on a domain name.

CPC v1.12:
- Reverse IP (vSphere)

- Customising the RIPE IP (manager v5)

- Test the host's resilience (vSphere> right click>crash this )
Customers have asked us to have a "break-down" button. " The aim is to break down a host and verify the proper functioning of the system. For the hell of it!

- Basic: vSwap on local DSS (vSphere)

VPS v1.3:
- Licensing SMB / Cpanel

- FTP Backup (100GB space / vps) (manager v5) €4.99 / month

- Snapshot v2 (monthly) (manager v5) €4.99 / month

- Secondary DNS (manager v5)

- Custom DNS Reverse (manager v5)

- Mailing list for Business and Reseller deals]

Shared hosting V4.14:
- Updated modules:
OS Commerce, ZenPhoto, DotClear, SugarCRM

- Security Update Joomla! 1.6.1
Several versions available for Joomla! & Drupal

- Max_exec_time_php: 30s to 120s for updating CMS / Site Maintenance

- Automatic indexing of new hosting in Google (submission one week after hosting creation)

Dedicated servers v10.06:
- A new range of dedicated servers HG 2011

- NAS HA 600GB (RAID-0 with 2 RAID-1 300GB SAS 10ktpm)
NAS HA 1.2TB (RAID of 4-0 RAID-1 300GB SAS 10ktpm)

- Plesk 10

- CentOS 5.6
[Url] [/ url]

- CPanel 11 with 64-bit

- OpenSuse 11.4

- Possibility to run a post installation script at the end of the re-installation.

VOIP v2.13:
- HD Audio conferencing with polycom telephone (8 way)(beta)

- Manager: import list of short codes and sorting blacklist + whitelist

- Manager: Call forwarding function to an email + fax

- Manager: Delete SMS Browsing History; auto archiving for over 6 months

- Prefixes 3651 / 3652 to (un) hide caller number; prefix 92 for answering direct

- Launch SIP UK

- Fixed bug Siemens C590 IP

MOM 4.1.5:
- Export generalised CSV
- Improved bookmarks (add, delete)
- Management of pseudo plugins
- Core: A shortcut on the desktop - fix code
- Groups v2
- WebServices Optimisation Protocol (SoAPI on Mac and Linux)
- Integration of naming by reverse for dedicated servers and RPS in the service groups
- Detailed Listing for RPS and dedicated servers
- Fix crash on sorting a column other than the first
- Fix the filing of a .re domain or AFNIC identification is required
- Reinstallation: to check SQL Server
- Integrate the multi-transaction on the web redirects