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For 2 weeks we prodded
01-04-11, 19:42
The roadmap is beginning to take on its own pace now. These are the features that we have been putting into production in the last two weeks. And here's the news for the next two weeks:

So what did we prod?

Domains launched

- Exchange 2010 for resellers:
Every domain name, configured on your Exchange is isolated (an OU / domain) from all the other domain names.
- Antispam / Antivirus Kaspersky by default on Exchange 2010 for Resellers + Companies
- + Snaphost Backup every 12 hours of all Private Exchange 2010. Just in case there's a "Fukushima" in Europe ...
- On demand storage space . You can increase it up to 10TB.

- Manager V5: Choice of exit gateway (LNS) between Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux and Lille. If you live in Nice, it makes more sense to go out from Marseille than Paris Once configured, you must restart the modem
- SDSL modem manuals (user version) via OVH guides

Shared hosting
- PostgreSQL available
- Web file explorer via the manager v5
- Module updates:
Joomla, Wordpress, phpBB, Drupal, Magento
Prestashop Gallery

- Monitoring repayments of special 08 numbers
- Fax Campaign

- New phones (in public beta)
We also tested this phone here:
- Fax campaign via the Manager:
sending more than 1000 fixed contacts

MoM v4.1.4:
- v2 groups
- Optimisation of WebServices Protocol (SoAPi on Mac and Linux)

Private Cloud:
- New distribution / VM model:
CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu
(sync in progress, available from Sunday)
- Access to the pCC via an iPad VCMA beta
The guide:

- HP mode:
instead of 4 vCores you have 8 t vCore with twice as much GHz in your VM. Ordering new VM's has been put into production. The upgrade will be completed Monday
- Integration of Plesk licenses (cPanel, SMB )

Dedicated servers
- Distributions
- Cloudera
- Windows Sharepoint 2010 Foundation (2010)

- FreeBSD 7.4 and 8.1

It's advancing, but it's still not fast enough. But things are getting into sync ...